I sat in the gravel and grieved

While the cat grazed on johnny jump-ups

Biting of their heads with carnaverous clarity

And I thought of those same flowers

In their scattered apperance along the path

to the river in Ukraine

Their purple, white, and yellow faces.

And I groaned for faces I could not see

arms and limbs I cannot clasp

hands I cannot hold now



the hummingbird.

A foot from my face

mastering the air

emblem of the Holy Spirit from a fairy tale I love

startling and swift

heart beating thousands of times per minute

to say

I am here though you don’t see me

I am moving among my people


You dart away

And my eyes are opened

to every thrumming insect

sparse as particles

with opalescent wings

hovering near

in the 7 am sun.

Morning Back Again

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