“Never nettle

with the unknown,

Look instead to what has grown.”

So our Professor used to say.

You’d whisper to a wiggen tree

And l’d leave class wishing

That just once

You’d talk that way to me.

Remember the puffleskin

Mewling for his lost kin

we found behind the greenhouses

and you smuggled in?

All withered and weary

‘till you’d nursed him round

to gurgle in your pocket

and peek out with a frown.

Even clever Flitwick

who ought to have caught on right quick

Missed the days and ways

You charmed my heart

With every trembling flick.

Cherry wood and unicorn

Yet still all nerves

Round faced and tight lipped.

Sometimes l imagine

Your hidden drawer

Curations of St. Mungo’s

all pocketed before:

A handkerchief, gum wrapper, plastic spoons, shell of skree, a leaf, some lints,

and one lone fairy wing,

Every tiny your mother slipped you


at the end of visiting.

When we were small

l rememberal

Your voice carrying in the Great Hall

Calling for Trevor

Or mumbling you’d lost your

Mimbulus Mimbletonia in a fall.

Until that final year

at last we came back tall.

How l longed to catch your robes

And kiss you

That morning when you hexed

Carrow in the corridor

And hustled squirrely first years

Off to safety unperplexed.

Our darkest days we sank low

But never bottomed long

You’d rally us in humming

Some silly quidditch song.

A little tune of hope and home

Just beneath your breath

Your cheer against the grim to preach

New ways of eating death.

For when the chosen one was dead,

You stood up just the same.

No brows thought he had you sorted

But you sliced through the pain

And charged the very fear

In childhood you dared not name.

Never Neville

Did l nettle in the famed unknown.

Time has gone and my gray hairs

May tell how old we’ve grown.

Never did l dare to ask

a Gryffindor

if he knew my name.

Shyness draws to shyness

Though our houses weren’t the same.

Yet the torch this badger bears you

Still bears a bright’ning flame.

Love to a Herbology Proffesor

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