Feminism is simply the belief that both genders are equal in value and therefore should have equal opportunities. One place those opportunities need to occur is in the realm of expression. Women need to be free to form their own narratives without having to qualify their experiences to the other gender.

This seems like a pretty reasonable expectation of humanity, yet it is not. The pre-release backlash against Captain Marvel and the percieved threat of female directors and filmakers telling female stories are just a few recent examples of backlash against the female voice.

So today l have curated for you, five music videos by five female musicians that are excellent in expressing the female experience.

Watch them. Absorb them. Receive them.

Then talk with your friends in real life about what they speak to you.

Sharon Van Etten “Seventeen”

Mona Haydar “Hijabi (Wrap my Hijabi)

Julia Jacklin “Head Alone”

Solange “Cranes in the Sky”

Sara Watkins “Move Me”
Five Females

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