You heard me.

Because I’m such a big story teller, somewhere down the line I bought the lie that I’m a fiction-only kinda girl.

Behold the rebuke: Fraseology

I started this site because I wanted a space to talk about an artist’s calling to overcome shame, be misunderstood, and be critiqued.  And because I knew I wasn’t the only one still figuring out how and why I was hurt by the Church’s purity movement or struggling to ask for financial support.

But I didn’t want to stop writing fiction either. When I look at how I’ve experienced faith throughout my life, the way that I describe it is a blind corner—I can’t see what’s coming and that is both the worst and the best thing about it.

Behold my leaning into Mystery: Blind Corner Fiction

Here I may confess myself to be a competitor, and note how eight years of teaching has marked me. In fiction and in poetry I can be weak and befuddled before Him, wrestle with childhood traumas, or find victory from Gnostic evangelicalism in my embodiment.

Do you remember how Olympian Eric Liddell said that when he ran he felt God’s pleasure?

Watch me write.

Fiction or Non-Fiction? False Choice

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